Body awareness, balance and
movement control are all significant
areas that can be developed through
dance, along with cognitive, social
and emotional development.

Classes & Programmes

Recreational Class Timetable

Day Age Group Time Location


School age


Rosehill Special School, Rosehill Drive, Papakura


School age

3.30 - 4.30pm

Orakei Community Centre,
156 Kepa Road, Orakei


Teenage & Young Adult

4.30 - 5.30pm

Orakei Community Centre,
156 Kepa Road, Orakei

Recreational Classes

dance4everyone provide recreational dance classes for students with special learning needs. Classes are held outside of school hours and are carefully designed to suit the ability of each student.

We offer fun, educational classes, encouraging social interaction and holistic development. Each term we choose a theme to explore through movement. We adopt a creative dance approach to allow all students to contribute to the process. Students also have the opportunity to learn specific dance styles and performance skills.

Our recreational classes provide students with special needs a supportive environment to learn new skills, be a part of a team, and build confidence in their ability.

Please contact us for more information about our recreational programmes and for enrolment details.

Elderly Dance Programmes

dance4everyone provides dance and movement programmes for clients based in residential facilities and community centres. Dance classes provide a structured and enjoyable platform that makes exercise pleasurable. Physical benefits of dance include cardiovascular fitness; increased muscle tone; improved balance; joint mobility and articulation; flexibility and endurance; and breath control. Clients develop greater body awareness by paying attention to their body and how it responds to a range of movements.

If you would like to enquire about our elderly dance programmes for your residential centre please contact us for an information pack.

School Programmes

Dance provides students the opportunity to engage, interact, and communicate, and is an avenue for expression and enjoyment. The team at dance4everyone have a holistic approach to teaching and learning, and adopt communication and teaching strategies specific to their clients needs. Classes are linked to learning areas, topics, and IEPs and many involve the use of props and other sensory objects. Body awareness, balance, and movement control are all significant areas that can be developed through dance, along with cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Creative dance provides an opportunity for students to express ideas and work in groups while learning about the elements of dance and choreographic principles. Dance is linked to other curriculum areas, and reinforces classroom learning through the exploration of movement without having cause to use words.

While the focus is usually on the process of learning, being involved in a dance performance also gives students a chance to be proud of their talents and abilities and develop greater self-confidence.

To discuss how the team at dance4everyone can make dance accessible for all to enjoy at your school please contact us

Parkinson's Dance Project

dance4everyone are in the process of creating dance classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson's Disease. We sent two of our Dance Specialists to New York to train in the Dance for PD programme with the Mark Morris Dance Group, and are excited about getting a programmme running in Auckland.

Classes will be open to anyone with Parkinson's Disease and their carers. If you would like to register your interest please contact us for more information.


dance4everyone design and deliver one-off dance workshops for special schools, school holiday programmes, and holiday camps. These workshops can range from a one-hour class teaching specific choreography, to full day, or week long intensive dance programmes.

We provide the choreography or process plan, music and any dance props required, and will work with your theme, objectives and budget.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss workshop options for your school, centre or holiday programme.